Superhero Tryptic

After the Iron Man Veneer project I wanted to expand upon the range with Captain America and Thor. Both lent themselves well to conversion to wood veneer with lit polymorph inserts. I love the effects you can get just by aligning the grains and working with the natural colours of the wood (I say natural colours but I have cheated a bit by using some blue dyed veneer in the middle of Captain Americas shield). Polymorph was pressed into the cutouts where I wanted the light to appear. This means it sits flush with the front of the plate. The reverse was wired with white surface mount LED's, connect to 2x AAA batteries.

I'm so pleased, especially with the little things. The handle on Mjolnir was made from teeny pieces of veneer, the smallest triangles were 1mm wide and 2mm long, but this was the only way to make sure the grains aligned correctly so not only does it look right but because the light hits the wood at the different angles each piece of veneer looks like a slightly different colour making it really stand out.

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