LARP Vant Shields

6mm ABS inner core of shields
This project turned out to be quite the collaboration between makers. I was asked by Eldritch to cut some thick ABS plastic that was going to go inside a pair of ballistic shields. There is a growing crossover between LARP and Airsoft and new rules being developed to cope with both. These shields don't have to follow the normal, foam rules, and actually need to be stiffer and stronger to withstand all the incoming ball bearings. The possibilities of windows in shields now becomes an option so I cut some 6mm perspex for windows and wooden surrounds to hold them all into place on the shield.

The shields then went on to Eldritch who covered them in a layer of foam, bolted all the parts together and generally turned them into functional shields.
Shields at the Eldritch workshop
These shields look great however nice shiny shields don't really fit into the post apocalyptic style game they were destined for, that's when the owners took over and did a pretty epic job of weathering the shields ready for the event. Junkyard Grizzly took one shield and Dust Monkey took the other adding their own personal style. These things look amazing and fit right in to the Metro style game they were destined for.
Junkyard Grizzly Weathered Shield
Dust Monkey Weathered Shield

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