Cyber Control Panel

Coming in very highly on my overdue project list is this Futuristic control panel for the From Shadows event that happened over a month ago. I was rushed and wish I had photos and a video of more of the details. I don't even appear to have photos of the separate parts.

The brief was for a control panel that could be split up into parts that were acquired throughout the course of the weekend. I wanted to take it a step further and split it up into parts that make the panel functional when connected back together. Two large hex bolts on the back could be removed, without tools, to provide access to two compartments. The first compartment was designed to house a 'battery', the second compartment had some exposed connectors. When the battery was inserted into the first compartment and the the connectors bridge with the appropriate loop power was supplied to the front of the device.

The switches in the bottom left hand corner have illuminated LED's, flip both of these switches on to power up the rest of the font panel. The top left hand corner splits off in an attempt to look like battle damage. The isolinear chips in the bottom right hand corner all become illuminated when they are inserted into their slots. They use florescent perspex and UV LED's to provide a sensible glow. The final touch is the wooden controller in the middle of the panel. One magnet at the top of the slider allows the slider to lock into positions on the board where other magnets are located. (Apparently it jumped out of the users hand the first time providing many oohs and aahs). A second magnet in the bottom of the slider activated a magnetic switch and turned on another UV LED in that location, so as you move the slider around the panel illuminates underneath it.

I think it went down well at the event and I'm already lined up to make props at the next event so that must be a good thing :)

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