In October 2011 I bought my first laser cutter. It was an expensive investment for an item of whim and I vowed to my wife that I would use the laser cutter everyday to show I was using it but also to become proficient at using it. I'm an engineer by nature and the CNC process to make high quality, repeatable items was very appealing.

I set myself a challenge to cut 365 things in 365 days and I took photos of everything and shared those photos and cut files here on this blog. Project 365 was complete in 11 months instead of 12 and because the internet is great people were following me and buying the things I was making. That laser cutter had paid for itself and it was time for me to invest in a larger machine.

I bought myself a bigger laser cutter, I built upon the success of the first year and I challenged myself with Project 52, 52 larger items in 52 weeks built with a mind to sell things through my store and Etsy. That project wasn't quite finished within the year but I learnt a lot and had a few products that were supplementing my income. I quit my job and started to do this part time, the rest of my time was spent looking after our children which is far more rewarding than any normal job.

Because of the blog and some apparent knowledge about laser cutters people were asking me for help fixing their own laser cutters and wanting advice about which laser cutter to buy. So mid 2013 Dominic and I imported several laser cutters to evaluate, and early 2014 Just Add Sharks was born. We knew what our first laser cutters were missing and we vowed to include all of those 'nice to have' features in our own lasers.

So now I continue my laser cutting adventures blogging all the things I make and invent on this website. I believe in the lasers we import which is why I use them in my own workshop. We also tour the UK with them doing as many Maker Faires as possible, and similar events, just so we can show people how amazingly awesome lasers are. I hope you find something useful and interesting on this site and if you need anything please don't hesitate to ask.

In 2015 I'm working on Project 12, 12 stupidly large projects in 12 months, I'm nearly 2 months behind. Juggling 2 small children, Just Add Sharks, my own shops and all this extra cutting was never going to be easy but life would be boring if it was.