Project #10 Window Frosting

In what feels like a long time ago now I had a new garage door put on my garage workshop. Against the advice of the professionals I had plain glass windows installed in them, the idea was that I could etch my own frosted panels to sit over the windows. Giving me something extremely unique or the choice to change the panels at a future point in time. It's been a bit of a mammoth effort this week but I finally got round to drawing the design out and running the laser 7-8 hours, the result definitely made it worth it. (svg here)

10 Projects/ 15 Weeks

The frosting is etched into 2mm clear perspex and the design was inspired by several abstract floral pieces around the interwebs. I wanted something that flowed from panel to panel but it was only when I took the measurements I realised how many individual items would be required to fill the space. Once the design was drawn as exported as a raster format (I don't trust Lasercut to etch that many vector lines accurately) I still had a few issues getting it into the control software. Each panel took just over 2 hours to etch. I possibly could have upped the speed a little but as I'm experiencing other difficulties with my laser at the moment I didn't want to tempt fate.