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Acrylic Door Sign

  My wife became a fully qualified consultant at the start of last year but she's finally got a permanent job and settled into an office now. She showed me the A4 printout stuck on her office door displaying her name which was probably a subtle nudge that I should be making her a better sign. This is made from 3mm Duo Perspex bought from Kitronik . It's a very thin layer of metallic gold acrylic on top of black acrylic so you can cut through the top layer and expose the black underneath it. Perfect for making these kinds of signs. I've just used some of my strongest double sided tape on the back because I'm sure someone will complain about holes in the door for any other fixing method. Hopefully it will last a while. With a new job in a hospital 45 mins away, this means moving the whole family to a different town (as alluded here before), but that also means a double garage/bigger workshop for me. I've got plans to release more laser cut designs and once we've s