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@rideworks - Anodised Aluminium

I had a very spur of the moment visit today by Paul from Rideworks . He wanted to know if our machines were capable of engraving his anodised aluminium parts so the best way to find out was to try it. We played around with a few different speeds and settings and we even cut an impromptu jig to align the parts perfectly. The test results are great, in fact the hardest part of the process was the moving of files between our aging laptops.

@MFUKLC - Ball Feed Joint

My Ping Pong ball cannon is all about the throughput so I need a nice clean way to feed balls into the mechanism. This 41mm diameter sweeping bend was manually sliced in inkscape, cut and assembled in just 2 hours, 3D printers eat your heart out. I can't wait to bodge it into my cardboard mock up and see what improvement it makes. #FDMPrintersSuck  

Letterpress Game

I was initially asked to make 3 sets of alphabet tiles for a friend, but after a bit of digging I discovered they were making a physical version of the letterpress game . Something that you could take to a medieval field and not feel out of place using. I ended up making the tray and 3 sets of letters in different woods so it would be obvious who placed which letter. It looks rather neat, I hope to play a game with some point if/when I make it to an event this year.

Carcassonne - The Castle Meeples

Just a quick post, it's been a busy week I've been out delivering lasers to people for Just Add Sharks (more to deliver next week too). I also have a great monthly project I've been working on which is very nearly finished so please accept these simple meeples for the week :)