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BB8 Cake

I wasn't really spending time creating an droid from a nearly 40 year old movie. I was tasked to make a moving head for BB8, I just realised I could make the same model applicable to both droids. The second servo controls the nod motion for the head. It is programmed to have several different movement pattern. Again the sphere body is just for representation and will ultimately be replaced by cake.

R2D2 Cake

Rushing to be in time with the release of the star wars film I'm been drafted in to make some moving frames for droids. The cage for the body is a bit of a place holder as it's ultimately going to be made in cake. The head simply sits on top of the cake and is entirely self contained. An arduino nano drives a 9g servo to provide pan motion of the head. A 12cm plastic dome finishes of the top and is ready to be iced.

Ill Tempered Mutated Sea Bass

At the start of the summer I bought one of the uber cheap laser engravers from China. We wondered if it was worth stocking them on Sharks (it isn't). The acrylic plastic feet on the ends of the machine were cracked upon receipt, the screws were done up too tight. Now I started fiddling with it 2 of these feet just fell off, it was a simple matter to cut myself some new ones and I made them out of 6mm Birch so they're tough as old boots.

First place trophy

Here is the first place trophy for the war gaming competition. The trophies were all handed out yesterday which means I can show this today. I outsold myself, stretched the budget and spent a lot of time making a trophy as good as I could. The wings are made from wood veneers and are a remake of a previous item . The laurel wreath was redone with each leaf as a separate piece of 0.8mm ply. The wooden spoon was bought from the shop. The rounded base is a variation on my useless machine  and the plaque made from silver/black engraving laminate. The ribbon across the middle is two layers and engraved onto 1.5mm walnut.