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Follow the Sharks

Hopefully many of you will be aware that Dominic and I run a UK laser importing business in the guise of JustAddSharks . We're making some massive improvements to the web store and the whole web site over the next few months and I'm trying to get some life back into that blog . We intend to be making a few announcements and featuring the work of our customers (and some of it is absolutely amazing) but we'd also like to feature work of other people. So if you have a hot tip for us on any laser cut item then we'd love to know about it. Let us know what you're working on and who else inspires you. Just send your emails to

Can you tell what it is yet?

So the parts for the first of 12 projects just arrived. This is probably the one that's furthest from my normal stuff, but it will bear relevance as we go through the year. I'm planning a serious build day next week where there will be unboxing and assembly photos and probably even some stop motion of the day. Fun times.

Even More Rune Tags

Now with annual postings . Christmas has happened so people are looking LARPward and gearing up for the new season, I've had 3 LRP related orders this week. The first are these dated rune tags, this is the first batch on my new laser and I was able to outline the etching to make it really stand out.

Moire Puma

I saw this wonderful Moire Pattern  appear of several blogs last week and I just knew I had to put this technique into laser cutting. The original artist is Andrea Minini  and she has lots of amazing drawings all done in a similar style. For my version I manually traced the original image to create the vector artwork, each line is just a single low power cut and they are around 100 concentric rings. It was 8 hours of drawing but once the first one was cut it was all worth it. There has been some discussion since about making further patterns like this automagically, if anything comes from that I'll be sure to post the workflow up here.