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Shed Complete

The replacement shed is now complete and ready to be populated full of stuff from the workshop. It took much longer than expected this week to prepare the slab, put the shed together, paint the whole thing and then repair the gate/fence to close the gaps back up again. The most significant improvement is a guttering on the wall of the garage. Rain now drips off the shed roof and down the garage drain instead of making the garage itself damp. It will probably need so further adjustments when I get the laser cutter up and running again. It's my intention to vent into the gap behind the shed so that the neighbours can't hear it when it's running.  

Simple Coasters

We bought a new coffee table to go in our new house and it's so lovely that I no longer want to put drinks directly onto the table. The table we left behind was a 15 year old Ikea Lack, with a big bend in the middle so easy not to care about it. Thankfully I have a workshop full of scrap wood and a laser cutter and a simple project like this was a good reason to resurrect the cutter. A little bit of drawing later to come up with some interesting line artwork and I cut these coasters to serve as a temporary solution on the new table. ( svg here )