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Problems with HPC Laser

Update Aug 2016 :  It has been requested that I clarify my current situation. After this post was written I continued to have problems with HPC that I decided not to blog about for fear of inflaming the situation. The problems with my laser were never resolved and I started to look for an alternate supplier to buy my next laser cutter. 6 months down the line Dominic and I decided that we could import our own laser cutters direct from China and offer a better service to the hobbyist market. We formed the company  Just Add Sharks  and my personal laser cutting adventure continued with the help of an A1 Whitetooth laser as documented here in this blog. This blog post shall remain for historical reasons, the date the post was written should be taken in to consideration when looking at any company review. Original : For quite a long time now I've been trying not to say bad things about HPC laser. It's well known amongst the maker community that their customer service

Project #33 Hounds Head

Things are going to get a little bit wicker man  at the next empire event (only the dog heads, not the nudity). So we need some animal masks, cue the laser. I cut the head off some 3D animal models, then unwrapped them with pepakura , printed the files to PDF and imported them into the laser for cutting. Although slightly time consuming the laser saved me hours on this first head and then began the slow reassembly process and paper mache covering. I forgot how time consuming adding 3 layers of paper was. They look good though and there is a rabbit head in the pipeline now. ( svg here ) 33 Projects/41 Weeks

Odyssey tablets

I did another batch of Odyssey tablets in short notice for the game this weekend. You've seen them before  so I won't occupy your time for too long. Amusing that they were normal tablets while I was quoting, and became emergency tablets as soon as I was asked to cut them. (Extenuating circumstances apply but it tickled me)

Project #32 Photo frames

I need a present for the grandparents and I've had this image of Eli kicking round my garage for quite some time so it was a nice idea to make 2 new pictures of our little sproglets. I used the same reactor program to make some nice halftone images. I added a proper hinged flap on the back to stand them upright. The little verticals prevent the flap from opening too far and the picture from slipping over ( svg here , frame only) 32 Projects/41 Weeks