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Nice Ring to it

I've also been working on a bunch of these rotating rings, they can be used in all sorts of cakes. Most turntables are solid but because these have a hole in the middle you can build cake right through them. I've made 4, 5 and 8 inch versions but failed to take any 8" photos. Useful for cakes like this

The DNS Dilemma

DNS is essentially a naming system for computers and services connected to a network. It's a way of mapping an IP address to a name and keeping that connection even if the IP Address Changes. You could visit google by going to  but it's much easier to remember and type into your browser instead. So far we've been accessing our ESP device by typing as a URL but there is a way to set up a local DNS server on the device so that it too can have it's own named URL. For this tutorial we're going to go right back to the basic access point code. This code creates a local access point with a simple user name and password and responds to the browser with a simple piece of text. Being the wonderful arduino environment there is already a library written to enable you to do this with just two lines of text, the first to include the library and the second to tell it which URL you want. Voila, now when you

Parliament of Owls

I have learnt something new, the collective nouns for Owls is a "Parliament". I have made a whole box full of owl heads for a course Dawn is running in Amsterdam this weekend, and also the reason for all the cars I made last week.