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Paper cut Pyramid

Just a complicated shape that actually folds down to a flat sheet.

Laser cut rocket launcher

Another Christmas present, I wanted to get my brother in law a rocket kit but it wasn't within the budget, so we bought the rocket separately and I made the launcher. Designed, laser cut and assembled in one pass, sure the first name would be better the other way round but I was surprised it even worked first time so I left it like that. The blast plate is a lid from a bean tin. (svg here although you probably want to change the name)

Scorch Free cards

These cards have made an appearance before but this time they are different. Notably cleaner because of the new frame, but I also removed a lot of the weak points (I have more to remove) so they are sturdier and more fit for purpose.

A4 Frame

I have been trying to cut some cards with less scorch marks and ash. This frame holds a sheet of A4 and replaces the honeycomb bed so there are no reflections making scorch marks. The top and bottom frames are slightly different to allow air to get under the frame. It works well, a piece of paper over the top collects most of the ash too.(svg here) And I meant to say this frame was made entirely from the scraps around the edges of the previous cuts, I have a few other plans for these areas too.

Bell Crank

I wanted to make some basic mechanisms, I scanned the webz for similar and was inspired by the rob ives website. Expect some more paper mechanisms like this one soon. (svg here)

Horadric Cube 1

This is much of a prototype for a model horadric cube from Diablo II. The biggest problem with it is that the underlying box isn't actually cube. I used a parametric box generator but it has made one axis slightly too long. I still like the look of it though so full steam ahead with a cube shaped version.
Further investigation leads me to believe this is actually a bit more like the nephalem cube, which is going to appear in Diablo III

Zoolander calendars

I've had a bit of a making frenzy over Christmas so figured I should post some of these things up. Normal service will be resumed with the laser tomorrow. I posted a slightly noddy instructable for this one...

The long drop

I probably should have been designing something to cut on the laser but I couldn't help myself but get distracted by this tonight.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone out there in internet land. This was just a quick test to see if I could cut whole words in a single line. couldn't figure out how to connect the words sensibly though.