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Project #10 Window Frosting

In what feels like a long time ago now I had a new garage door put on my garage workshop. Against the advice of the professionals I had plain glass windows installed in them, the idea was that I could etch my own frosted panels to sit over the windows. Giving me something extremely unique or the choice to change the panels at a future point in time. It's been a bit of a mammoth effort this week but I finally got round to drawing the design out and running the laser 7-8 hours, the result definitely made it worth it. ( svg here ) 10 Projects/ 15 Weeks The frosting is etched into 2mm clear perspex and the design was inspired by several abstract floral pieces around the interwebs. I wanted something that flowed from panel to panel but it was only when I took the measurements I realised how many individual items would be required to fill the space. Once the design was drawn as exported as a raster format (I don't trust Lasercut to etch that many vector lines accuratel

Makeshift Material Racking

I'm working on several large projects at the moment, 30 marble machine kits yesterday and 12 hours of raster etching today (results of that to follow soon). So I'm also getting to make all sorts of small improvements to the garage. Todays effort was to finally sort the pile of materials into a vertical arrangement thereby making it much easier to access as nothing is on the bottom. I managed to use the feet from the Donkey Kong Machine  screw directly to the bench to stop the materials from falling over. I'm a bit low on ply and plastic at the moment but it won't be long before this is overflowing again. The whole garage still needs a sort and a tidy but making new things is much more fun :)

Marble Machine Workshop

I'm running a workshop on Monday making Marble machines . I'm hoping for a dozen people to turn up and there are a few extra kit requests on top of that so I thought I'd get well prepared in advance and I actually spent most of today making 30 marble machine kits. My laser has been running pretty much non stop all day. I realise the extreme cold weather has helped my avoid massive temperature increases but also my new cooler has proven it's worth. The water temperature only rose 10 degrees all day. If you're in or near Northampton then feel free to come and join us for the workshop