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Lightburn camera mount

Lightburn has some interesting camera features available to it, but you need to have a camera mounted above the cutting area so you can see the materials in the machine. There are several 3D printed designs so I thought making one of these up is at least a step towards getting it installed finally. ( stl here )

Ventilator Splitter

This time I was requested to make a prusa ventilation splitter for evaluation purposes. I jumped straight out to the 3d printer and used the g code provided by prusa instead of recreating it for my own machine. The prints came out well, air tight and snug enough fittings to provide a good connection, there was a lot of stringing though and it took a little while to clean them up with scalpel and sandpaper. I definitely need to spend a bit of time calibrating this machine to get some good prints from it. The splitters made their way into the hospital, I believe use of these is possible but the patients have to be carefully lung matched to ensure that they both receive adequate air supply from the one ventilator. I was also told that when we start needing to share ventilators things are looking pretty serious so hopefully they won't need me to print any more of these.

Schonne Bakkes Face Shield

The Prusa face shield took quite a long time to 3D print and I instantly started to think of ways to reduce that time. It wasn't long before I found this Schonne Bakkes design ( files are in their one drive ). It prints a lot faster because it's skinnier so I turned out a few of these for evaluation too. The screen simply clips into the 3D printed frame and doesn't need the bottom retainer to help it keep shape. The initial review suggests that the Prusa shape fits people slightly better so I'm wondering if I should mash the two designs together, I'm also still looking for a purely laser cut design that would be much faster that anything 3D printed.

Prusa RC2 Face Shield

With PPE  in short supply across the country, I showed my medical friends the Face Shields being produced by Prusa. They were interested in the design and fit so I printed out a few shields for them to try. It's printed in PLA, I went for the straight version because I was only doing one at a time, the screen is cut on the laser from 0.5mm PETG plastic (a little scratched from being on my shelf for years). The design works well, the band printed in 2.5 hours and the screen in 23 seconds so there is a little bit of disparity there. They were well received and I'm waiting to hear back if they would like some more, in the meantime I'm trying some other designs too and keeping my eye out for a purely laser cut version.