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4 leaf iris

A 4 leaf version, again just covering the items already seen online (svg here)

3 Leaf Iris

A derivation of 2 designs on Thingiverse with a slight improvement. I padded the outer layers with an extra layer which allows the leaves to move more freely. (svg here)

Planetary gears

I'm sure many of you will have seen this from thingiverse already but it's a neat little item and worth making one of. I used microflute corrugated card for this one, it's functional but framing card would have been much better for the job.


A simple periscope, I actually intend to use it this weekend to look round corners and see if there are any zombies waiting for me (it's a long story but factually correct)

I knew this week was going to be tight, I'm now one day ahead but I'm away all weekend. time to get busy tomorrow methinks, also need to start posting midday rather than midnight again.

Geneva Wheel

Another one for the mechanisms category. I nearly forgot to post this one tonight, it's been a long week.

Jewellery Stand 3

The final frame for the moment with a bamboo inspired design.

Jewellery Stand 2

The dandelion jewellery stand, I quite like the way that the seeds leave the frame.