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Pumpkin Halloween Box

  The final box in the collection is a pumpkin shaped box. The plywood was painted orange and deliberately streaky for this final design to add to the pumpkin texture. I felt that trying to get the edge of the box to curve all of the way around the stalk was a big task so I simply drew the stalk on the lid only and curved the box around the basic pumpkin shape. I've tweaked all three designs to the point where they all work well and are ready to be cut on other machines. The designs are available for purchase through my Etsy store  for a nominal fee (which seems to be a good way to cope with the additional support some people need).  If you're interested and want to support me to make more designs like this, then please take a look.

Ghost Halloween Box

For the second of my new Halloween boxes I chose this cute little ghost shape. Again painted white and again a little bit too tight on the lower corners, but it still came out well and can be fixed on the next cut. I'm using the same method to make these boxes that I wrote about on instructables, way back in 2016. . The process describes how you can make pretty much any shape using a mixture of separate flex sections and minimum bend radius curves. The outer skin is held in place while the glue dries using a former that is also cut at the same time as the rest of the box sides. Because the layers all nest inside each other these formers are a rather efficient usage of materials. I've got a third box design still to make and then I can tidy up the files for release.