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Geometric Bookmark 2

Strange how shifting the pattern half a step sideways can make it look like a different pattern

Geometric Bookmark 1

I remember seeing some Islamic Geometric Designs on a visit to one of the London museums. I wanted to test out a few and thought they'd make some nice bookmarks so here they are. 327/332

Mario Pan/Jump

When I realised that my current CNC drive chain would be a bit slow for the what if machine I decided to move the jump mechanism to a servo so the main drive motors don't have to deal with sudden up down movement. This mean the pan also had to be mounted on the same piece so I made a bracket to fit between the two servos. 326/331

Scrabble name 2

For completeness here is the other name that entered, thank you both for reading and supporting the blog :)

Scrabble Name 1

I thought it would be nice to get 365 names onto item no 365 but there has been a very slow take up, instead I've decided to make 1 item for all the people who've entered the competition. Both of them will receive a cute little name plaque. 324/330

Barrelless Monkeys

Barrel O Monkeys Monkeys. I was reminded of these monkeys today so thought I'd cut a few out with the laser, lasers are good at making dozens of identical items after all. (svg here) 323/329

Z Axis bracket

For the Z Axis that controls the Mario on my What If machine, I needed to modify the bracket slightly to lift the platform that Mario stands on. I could have modified the old rails but they would have been twice as big as this little bracket. Not perfect or an ideal fix but functional

Mario 2

I found a better link to all the donkey kong sprites, the Mario was different to the previous one I found so I redid it using this 'action' pose which I think works better. So those are the 3 characters for the Donkey Kong machine. (svg here) 321/327

Lady Kong

Standing at the top of the Donkey Kong tower is the girl mario is trying to rescue (svg here)