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Scale Mail gauntlet

A non laserable in preparation for an upcoming Vale Event . This Scale mail gauntlet is made up of 200 individual metal scales all weaved together with 400 smaller split rings. It's a pretty cool piece especially considering I had the bits floating around in the garage for several years now. Scale is definitely harder to make than chain but looks prettier.

Clarkcade Keyrings

After the cabinets came the keyrings, neither of these was the winning design but they're both pretty close. As I didn't take a photo I guess you'll have to see Simon at an event to find out what the final design looked like.

Don't forget your knifebed

Most laser cutters just come with a honeycomb bed, the honeycomb offers lots of support to the material you are cutting but numerous vertical slats offer lots of chances for bed reflections also if you cut right to the edge of the honeycomb you're cutting on sheet metal which can leave a sticky residue under your work. All Sharks machines come with a honeycomb and a knifebed; the knifebed is usually stored under the honeycomb because lifting the honeycomb up prevents smoke from being trapped under it. While I was cutting some more Clarkcade  gaming cabinets I realised that I should be using the knifebed instead of the honeycomb. It's perfectly suited for this kind of job where the panels are much bigger, All the shrapnel falls through the gaps allowing me to put the next sheet on without even cleaning up and the cuts were all much cleaner due to the reduced number of reflections. 6 new Clarkcade Cabinets ready for postage

Mother of Pearl

Just Add Sharks  gets a lot of new material requests, the result is usually the same, send us some material and we'll try it. So this weeks new material is Nacre , better known as Mother of Pearl. Like leather it makes quite a smell while cutting but I was able to get through 1.5mm relatively easily. I think it's going to be used for guitar inserts.