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Mini Empire Map

I have been given an opportunity to remake the Empire map , there are a few things that were requested and I'm taking the chance to play with new techniques and toys like the nottingham laser. Here are the test pieces I've done so far, the outcome of which is basically that colour doesn't really work on the maps so we're sticking to standard wood colours. I'm now desperately waiting for my wood to arrive or I'm not going to be able to do anything in time for the event this weekend, there's easily 30 hours of cutting in this project and I can't even get started yet. Each region is cut as a separate piece giving it clear definition and it is elevated from it's neighbours making them more distinct. The names of each region are also cut with a low power line making them stand out much more than the previous version  

Massive Marble Machine 4

Frustrated by a lack of progress (and wood) on some of my larger projects with looming deadlines, I instead settled on an easy win last night. Ever since I made the quick and dirty Massive Marble Machine 1  by doubling up the size and thickness of everything I have been meaning to redo the machine with more sensible proportions. Marble Machine 1  turns out to be not such a quick conversion but Marble Machine 4  accepted the conversion willingly. This time I only doubled up the parts that actually needed it, leaving all the other parts as a single sheet.   The steps are all doubled and have massive chunky thickness, I modified the additional steps to keep the slope angle the same. This could be done smarter but I like the chunky appeal. I also doubled up on the cams, this really could be done a better way so I'll change that, but expect this machine to be released into the wilds of the shop soon.