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New Material - 6mm laser ply

Ok so it's not entirely new but I'm giving it another shot and this time the laser ply came from a different source. HPC now do 6mm laser ply and I've mentioned a few times how good there 3mm ply is so it's no surprise that this stuff is great too. I cut the first item below for a friend, expect to see a follow up once it's actually assembled so we can all figure out what it actually is.

New Water Chiller

I ran a few experiments with passive cooling (fans) the water on my laser cutter. This seemed to work fine but eventually I'll have to think about active cooling (compressors). I looked at all the options available to me, HPC offer one cooler which is suitable for all their machines but the world is pretty global now and ebay can ship direct from China. I ended up buying a laser chiller more powerful that the HPC one, capable of cooling 2 laser tubes at once and it was the same price. Obviously shipping from China is more expensive but for £650 instead of £550 I ended up with twice the machine.