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More Meeples

I've had a lot of requests for smaller batches of meeples with different tokens in them, so I made some :) I'm selling these and the original packs in the shop now (or meeple svg here )

Massive Heredox

Ed Saperia , inventor of Heredox and a million other cool things  asked me to make a large version of the Heredox tile game for garden parties. It's made from 12mm exterior ply that was cut at B&Q on their big saw. The symbols however were laser cut from 3mm poplar and affixed to the top of each tile, with laser cut markings on each tile to show where the symbols should go. The whole game was then strapped up into a carry case which has the rules engraved on it. As a project it took way longer than expected but it's a really cool item I got to make so that's pretty rewarding.