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I needed a new laptop stand for my laptop. The old was was rather rattly and because the fans were exposed I couldn't rest it on my legs without an additional table mat. So I came up with a basic stand design, that left a gap under the back of the laptop. While thinking of something to put in that gap the idea of a scary monster hiding under the bed hit me and the monster under my laptop range was born. The claw monster was the first design. Nasty yellow claws and glowing LED eyes peer out from under the laptop. The LED's and fans both take power from the USB socket. Enthused with the success of my first design I then went on to make other designs. The tentacle monster was shaped from polymer clay and I think is the best design to date. I have other ideas in mind but as I now have 3 laptop stands for my own laptop the wife has suggested that I sell some of these designs before I make another. These designs and all future stands can be viewed and purchased from the follow