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Mini Teleport Units

From Shadows LRP had it's fourth event on the 25th-27th of Oct. The previous teleport return unit was quite successful so those asked for some more units to be made, only this time they should be a bit smaller so they are more manageable and store-able. Because I didn't have the original unit to hand I opted to make them half the size, in hindsight this feels a little bit small but they are super cute versions of the full blown unit.  When you push the button the software comes out of sleep mode and counts down from 10 to zero. At zero the whole thing flashes to indicate that the team has 'teleported' in or out of the situation. The unit uses a USB battery bank for rechargeable power but one charge was sufficient to last the whole weekend. As the unit is smaller is was swung around a bit more and there were a few minor issues with cables coming lose internally so I had to strain relief the battery in the middle of Saturday and, players being players, someone j

Foam Saw Blades

I had a little run on parts for Eldritch, I've done these foam saw blades before but this time I was just squeezing as many parts into the sheet as possible. Where I was unable to cut full disks I cut some half disk instead to really optimise the foam usage. Simon turns them into great, futuristic/post apocalyptic LRP weapons.

Flecktarn Stencils

You wait for ages and then three come along at once. I feel like I did a lot of stencils in the last month, these flecktarn  stencils were cut for Simon from Eldritch  to decorate some of his shields. Two different patterns are repeated at several different sizes over the four sheets two allow them to be used on more items in the future. There were even plans to use the biggest size to decorate an old disused ambulance (Cambulance)

Chalk Outlines

Ruth , who drew the awesome goblin on the top of my treasure chest, wanted some chalk outline silhouettes for Christmas decorations over on her 'For Real Serial'  website. This 3mm perspex outline was surprisingly sturdy and as always people take much better photos than I do. They look great and would be fun on any tree.

Pumpkin 2019

It wouldn't be Halloween without a few carved pumpkins , this definitely wasn't done on the laser, it was carved by hand and a bit last minute. I definitely shouldn't have left it so late, especially considering I bought a set of carving tools immediately after Halloween last year. This 8pc chisel set was bought for only £2.25 and it makes the carving process so much easier, it was definitely a worthwhile investment.