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Project #49 Binary Marble Counter

There are a few of these kicking round the internet but they all seem to link back to Matthias Wandells excellent machine . I took a stab at making my own machine from easy laser cut parts. 2 rows of numbers at the top hold each of the digits to be added at the same time, the rows can be dropped individually at the output held. Some work needs to be done to capture the overflow digit correctly (although that could be done with a fifth flip flop gate). (file needs fixing) 49 Projects/ 50 weeks

Project #48 Material Wheel Bowl

I had a request for a Wheel type bowl that could hold 8 different items in a ring around the outside. Based on the Eight Spoked Wheel symbol with 8 sections to hold the 8 different materials, from the outer ring of this material wheel . I believe the hope is that one of each material could be converted to the material Illium, which would appear in the middle. I arranged the layers of this wheel so that all the grains were pointing towards the middle. Each bowl has an line running round to the bowls on either side and a line across to the middle. ( svg here ) 48 Projects /50 Weeks

Project #47 Veneer Picture

My Friend Steph draws some amazing banners for groups at LARP. I've done some work for her before but this time she wasn't aware I was stealing her artwork. While I was looking through her FB folder  a few in particular caught my eye, and while I still have some blue veneer left over from my Catan  now seemed like a good time to perform a full conversion to something laser cut-able. (custom job, no files) 47 Projects/49 Weeks (finished last night) Here is a comparison of the original artwork, emulsion on canvas vs the final piece, wood veneers, on laser ply.  The crows were made from layered wood veneers to ensure they stood proud of from the background. The large crow is made from 3 layers of veneer, the middle crow from 2 layers and the small crow from just one layer. The details were etched into the surface of the veneer to replace the layers. The area around each crow was painted with a very thin white acrylic to 'bleach' out the colour a