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Frivolous #Makevember

I bought some cheap LED clock kits a few years ago, they were good fun to assemble and left me with a perfectly serviceable clock for the kids rooms. I opted not to buy the (nasty plastic) case because it was laser cut and I could make my own, move forward a few years and today seemed like a good time to actually do that. It's a simple wooden box really with holes in the correct places, the clock module slides in loosely from the front and wedges in place with some foam. The plastic panel slides into some grooves along the front of the box. It's transparent grey plastic  so the LED's can shine through it. The grooves on the front mean that the burnt side is out on the top of the clock, I should have masked it to reduce those marks. Being wooden I can easily glue it to the underside of my shelves next to my hooky hooks ( svg here )

100 Blood and Oil Trackers

As is their right, the blood and oil guys decided to go with acrylic for their counters . The acrylic is a bit trickier to glue together and all of the lettering has to be done with infill techniques . I decided to opt out of the assembly process for these and instead supply bags full of parts :)