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Relief Photo Frame Pair

I've been wanting to use this landscape depth technique thing for quite some time now, I have a monthly project in progress right now that uses it but while I was doing that I thought it would be pretty cool to make this pair of frames with the positive and negative images in them.
The perspex is often labelled as Glass Green which gives a slightly false impression. The backing sheet is green and it gives the whole thing a lovely green tint. In reality this is the clearest perspex sheet I've ever seen and all the green tint goes away when the backing is removed. It's really good though if you want a Glass like material. I got it from Kitronik (again)

Lego Mad Max - Fury Road

I must confess that I got a little bit distracted and carried away when Eli asked me to make him a Lego car yesterday. In case you haven't seen Fury Road I recommend you go and see it on the big screen it's weird, cool and it'll lose a lot of impact on the small screen. I fiddled and faffed with a few Lego pieces and was reminded of the film, from there I ended up making 6 vehicles based upon the ones in the film.

It gets a little bit image heavy from here on down so to save my regular blog readers I'm hiding it below the cut

Oak Board Game

A ye olde board game board for a game called Gluckhaus, this was cut on request for a LRP game. The material is an oak veneered plywood that is now available from Kitronik, it worked really well for this. There are a few knots and lumps and bumps that are a bit tougher to get through but as I'm only going to be making one of these that's fine. 

Rubber stamp

Another simple rubber stamp, the more I do the more I learn about what not to do with these things. I should probably write something useful about how to do stamps. As much as I like having a full square background it's probably time to concede that the excess rubber should be cut as close to the stamp as possible.

Line Art - Varying Densities

The last of my line art experiments from last week. For this one I varied the densities of the lines radiating from the centre. The effect is much more significant than I imagined. Again I failed to cover the centre of the pattern so it burnt a hole in the middle. Maybe a sun circle in the middle of this patter. No I just need to find time to write the instructable for it.

Line Art - Names

This one uses the same process as the others but I tried to vary the etching pattern. There are a series of wavy lines which produce an interesting pattern around the shape. The mistake I made on this one (and the next one:) was not covering the centre of the pattern. The very middle of the etch was cut about 100 times during the process which obviously added up and put a hole through the middle of the design. "Eli + Hazel" would be been a better choice with the "+" over the centre of the pattern.

Line Art - Heart in Heart

Another attempt at some fancy line art. This time I left the ends of the lines on which gives a much more defined outline to the heart shape and is also much faster to prepare.

Line Art - Bird in Tree

While I was busy last week I had some ideas to make something pretty for Kim. She likes birds and I wanted to try more of this line art style so I drew this Bird in a tree for her. I do intend to write an instructable about this but for now I've just attached the svg (svg here)