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Lizard Wreath

While I was tessellating lizards for snowflakes I had a sudden bright idea. You could arrange dozens of lizards to form a wreath shape and you'd have one of the geekiest wreaths I've ever seen. Green lizards form the backdrop with red lizards scattered over the top as berries. I also made a second variant with concentric circles, if I were to do it again I would probably arrange the colours to spiral out from the middle.

It's my laser and I'll clean it if I want to.

I've been meaning to clean my laser for a while now but I was pretty busy before Christmas, my honeycomb has also become pretty manky so based on some recommendations I found on a laser forum (can't remember where) I bought some Krud Kutter, concentrated cleaner. I Diluted some 50:50 with water and sprayed it over the honeycomb. Turns out spraying it was not very effective but I was amazed at how easily the stains came off the edge metal. I turned the spray bottle onto the rest of the machine and was surprised at how fast the whole thing cleaned up. I even got round to cleaning out the bed. The bed has been building up crap and stains since day 1. Previous attempts left it pretty black and took a lot of effort so I basically turned a blind eye to it (hence the title). I sprayed it with Krud Kutter and left it for a few minutes and I noticed that the tar was shifting. I kept on at it, using wood offcuts as scrapers and although it took an hour of hard graft the final re

Lizard Snow Flakes

So with Christmas out of the way I can now show more of the things I've been working on over the last few weeks. Admittedly most of my time was spent fulfilling orders for various items, the Christmas surge was a little overwhelming. Turns out you can arrange lizards into snowflake formations, leaving one out the middle makes for a pretty pattern too. These got made but never went anywhere, I'll make more next year and hang them up in our windows.

Christmas Snowflakes

I drew a new snowflake for this year to give to relatives for Christmas, it was safer to draw new ones because I couldn't remember who got what last year ( svg here )