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Former Vacuum

I haven't been using the vacuum former very much and when I do use it it's been largely for cake based projects. When I mentioned I was dropping custom work (and therefore cake based work), I was asked if I was interested in selling the vacuum former. As it went for the price I paid for it and I know where it has gone too it seemed to be a pretty good deal to me. Then of course lock down happened and things all became much more difficult so now finally, with the easing of restrictions, they were able to come and collect it. This leaves a sizeable space in the garage for moving things around. Since the schools closed I have spent a large amount of my time homeschooling. My orders haven't slowed and in some cases they've definitely increased (who knew that the US running out of jigsaw puzzles would lead to an increase in sales of fractal puzzles). All of this means less time for projects and less enthusiasm for blogging, it's hard to pick up pace again but hopefully I