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Judgy Jewellery

A silly facebook conversation led me to make this stunning piece of jewellery. It's just junk really but the best thing about the laser cutter is that I was able to draw this up, cut it out of scrap and post photos back into the conversation, all in just a few minutes.

Gaming Rulers

Another set of gaming rulers, these are plain and simple and customised with a symbol. I'm sure I could be more descriptive if I actually played war games but I just make what I'm asked for.

Starter Loom Kit

A friend started spinning her own wool into yarn and was interesting in weaving it into material. I put together this starter loom for her to try, sadly she's still working on getting enough yarn to actually use it but there may be an update at some point in the future. ( svg here )

Pratchett Jewellery

Continuing the Pratchett theme, Ruth  (who drew a gorgeous goblin on the top of my vale box ) drew these designs to be turned into jewellery. The engraving shows up really well on the black acrylic. 

Rincewind - World Book Day

This will give you some idea how far behind I am at blogging, World Book Day 2017 was on the 2nd March. Eli wanted to go to school as Rincewind  the wizzard because we'd just finished reading ' The colour of magic '. I modified some robes, painted them with occult symbols, scratch built a pointy hat from a scrap of red fabric and threw together the luggage as an accessory. There wasn't much laser cutting involved really but being able to throw out dozens of little feet in just a few minutes really helped this build come together. The rest of the box is just a normal cardboard box with the flaps bent over to make a curved lid.


I was testing out some of the line drawing capabilities of the smaller 35W tubes, in theory because they have less power it should be a lot easier to make these marks without cutting all the way through the material. Zentangles are simple doodles using structured patterns, some people use them for meditative practice. It turns out that drawing them on a computer is equally soothing, this sampler came out really well from a bunch of simple patterns.