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Cake Topper Letters

A bunch of letters made as a custom request. They make up 4-5 names and will be used on the top of cakes to indicated who gets which cake.

Vale Lore Sheets

Once more unto the strangeness of LARP. Various things have codes, in this case the sand bags representing metal ores are all tagged with lammies and symbols to indicate which metal ore it is. Only people with the appropriate skill are issued with lore sheets to translate these symbols and those people know which are the best bags to take. This basically ends up with people pulling out A5 printed pieces of paper to figure it out. I thought it would be nice if these were wooden slats with the same information, much more in keeping with the setting.

2 Weeks

Wow, can't believe I haven't blogged for 2 weeks. I haven't died, and I haven't had any accidents in fact I haven't really done very much of anything at all. I'm working on a few larger projects, the ever fabled Donkey Kong V2.0 is well underway and I've been looking at new laser cutters and materials so there will be things to report in the near future but stuff is still a few days away yet. I'll be sure to keep you updated.