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Leather Map

I still get asked about leather and maps in particular. I made this map for a friend who supplied the leather to experiment with. It was remarkably painless and straight forward, the map was already drawn, I estimated the laser power reasonably well, turned up the resolution and got this map etched in 90 minutes. So my experiments in leather have been reasonably good. I'm now tempted to buy some stock just in case an order comes but I just can't get over the smell. It's nasty stinky stuff and even now it's finished it's sat on my work bench stinking the place up. Until I get some better extraction I think I'll just be leaving leather for special request jobs.

Fans for decorating

Another day another request from a friend, these are two fans made from 1.5mm ply, the handle was sandwiched with 6mm ply on either side for extra strength. I drew these up and put them together quickly but in hindsight I should have put something laser etched on the paddles. I believe they are to be decorated with peacock feathers and that's a design that may have engraved well.

Quick stencils

A friend is making some awesome, and slightly unusual, props from the bioshock infinite computer game. One of the first things on the list is this police barrier that he's making from an old pallet. It's a nice looking item so far but he mentioned that he would be hand cutting some stencils for the lettering. 'No' says I, the Nottinghack laser cutter might be out of action currently but I'm more than happy to cut items and post them up for people making awesome projects. I shall await photos of the finished item and post here later.

Project #27 Mystery Tokens

LARP seems to be an endless source of laser cut items. This time around it's a series of mysteries for the game Odyssey . The mysteries are like epic level spells that a team of people have to work together to perform, these tokens give a brief idea of what the spell does and is the focus of the spell too so it can't be cast without it. There are 3 different materials, wood for the most common mysteries, then green and amber frosted acrylics for the extra special items. (custom job, no files) 27 Projects/ 32 weeks (falling a bit behind)