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Wargaming bases

When I'm cutting things like the caverna building trays I have a lot of gaps left over which I could easily fit something small into. My wargaming friends suggested I create some bases for their models so I threw together a few different designs for them to try. There are planks, deck plates, cobbles and gratings I just need to get someone to paint them up now. (svg here)

6mm Animals

At the Newcastle maker faire this year I spoke to someone who was producing wooden shapes from 6mm mdf using a CNC router. The process was relatively slow, dusty and required a tiny end mill to get into all the gaps. I ran these shapes through the laser cutter to get a rough time estimate for him and he now owns a laser cutter. 

Raspberry Pi Case

I showed a few revisions of my raspberry Pi case previously. The final design was based upon this two part flex box so that the case can be made from just two parts and assembled without any fixings. Ventilation holes were put in the top and the USB, network and SD card are all accessible. The lower bend radius is a little bit tight so you'll need to be careful if you put one together but once it is assembled it's actually very sturdy. (svg here)

Pyramid Display Case

This display case was a prop for a LRP event, the panels were made from clear perspex and engraved with various runes so that they would light up when the glass was edge lit. The base also has all the runes engraved onto it. There was some magic item to be placed inside the case so the sides all needed to fold down flat, this was achieved by threading some leather thong along the bottom edge of each panel. Hazel is included for scale :)

Superman Logo

I made another superman logo for a cosplayer in the same style as this one. It's actually two layers of 6mm LD45 foam but it's a bit hard to tell from the photo.

Ring Mail

I bought a chainmail shirt from ebay for £26, it was a bargain, I couldn't even buy the rings to make a chainmail shirt for that amount. It fitted me perfectly and was manufactured moderately well (for £26 anyway). So clearly the next thing to do was to dismantle it and completely rebuild it into another shirt. More accurately I turned a chain mail shirt into a ring mail shirt which weighs just under half as much. The rings are only aluminium so it's pretty lightweight in both case but the last time I went to Vale LRP I ended up walking 60km so the lighter the better.

It took about 2 weeks to build in my spare moments and I can't wait to try it out this coming weekend. If I get any good pictures of me in kit I'll be sure to share them with you. (no lasers were harmed in any way during the making of this item)

Bear and Hare Kit

I made this Bear and Hare kit for the Christmas craft faires, I can't seem to find it on the blog though. The characters are poseable but because the joints are friction fit if you move it around too much they do work loose. I was able to put the assembly drawing into the space on the kit as a line drawing which works nicely. The whole thing fits into an envelope so you can post them to friends.
The original shark kit is up in my etsy store and I'm still looking for someone to take away the big sharks for me.