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Forced Perspective 2

I had another shot at some forced perspective stuff. I finally figured out how to use Gimp to perspective correct an image. This corrected image is then drawn back onto the original shape so when it is viewed from the same angle then it stands out. It works a little but it's not great for this one. I'm going to give it a few more tries to see which shapes work and which don't.

Dragon Model

I finally got round to making the dragon model on my todo list. It's a bit of an assembly challenge but nothing too serious. I modified the original file for use with 1.5mm laser ply and then split it up into 2 sections that both fit in my working area. (svg here) 194/236 

Tiki Dice Tower

Scoochmaroo made a rather nice dice tower on instructables, I really liked the detailing but ended up redrawing the tiki face as it's not currently in the plans available for download. It's a great little item that I expect we'll be using on game nights from now on. (svg here)

Spiral Coasters

A friend brought me back some spiral type coasters from New Zealand, I liked the design so replicated them here. The nobbles on the end stop them from unwinding and the whole item is made with one continuous laser cut, very elegant. (svg here)  192/236

Raspberry Pi Case

Jake from Nottinghack had an idea to make a laser cut Raspberry Pi case but instead of making it a perfect snug fit exposing all the connectors to the outside world all the cables can be run around inside the case and brought out the back to make a nice enclosure for a media center or similar. I laser cut a prototype for him at the maker faire (although this image shows a corrected version)

He intends to sell them soon and you can email for early access and a notification about when the final version is for sale, or keep tabs on it through his website,

Laser cut pencils

'Can you laser etch onto pencils?', 'Do you have a pencil?' as much as I don't like answering a question with a question thankfully the answer was yes in both cases. Despite the fact this was done with a random font from newl draw the guys from miel books seemed to be pleased with the results. I used magnets stuck to the honeycomb base to stop the pencil rolling around while being etched.

Poong sticks

Another request from the maker faire came from the instructables guys. They asked if I had some wood to make Poong sticks, I thought we could go one better and laser cut some of these instead. It has to be said that they weren't overly successful but it might have been too noisy to hear them. (svg here)


The instructables weekly round up included an item from someone who'd made some skallops. This reminded me that I meant to make some when I first saw them so now I did. It was nice to have an item that I could put on repeat for when people were staring into the machine. (svg here)

Iron Man Kits

I intended to sell some iron man kits but didn't really have any takers, possibly my pricing system is a bit broken. Hopefully it will encourage some people to come across to the hackspace on Wed 13th of June

Business Card Holder

Early Sunday morning I realised my business cards were dumped in a pile on the table and looking quite untidy. I made myself a small business card holder. This seems like a sensible idea but being all nice and neat in a pile meant that they kept being overlooked so I still ended up spreading a few around the table for good measure.

Derby Maker Faire

I just got back from the Derby Maker Faire, a great weekend. it's always so good to meet new people and network. Saturday was spent mingling with other makers and Sunday was open to the public. I took my laser cutter and a selection of items from the blog to show to people, which was well received. The real perk of taking the laser was the ability to cut items then and there from other peoples ideas.
The first item in the list was one of the last items made but actually one of the most important. It took me 45 minutes to design and cut the back in 5 minutes sign due to distractions and conversations but felt right putting it up on the stand as a I wandered off. There is a little leg behind the sign to hold it up. More photos of my own little space beyond the cut.