Showing posts from September 10, 2017

Vale Box Comission

I love how the laser cutter allows me to make the same thing but customised and ever so slightly different. This is the same vale box that I've made twice before  but I tweaked it and put a different cover on the top. Each iteration gets me an easier build, takes less time to assemble and recoups some of the time investment, I'm always happy to take on more rebuilds.

Stat Counter

After making the other types of counters recently I was asked if it was possible to make a small counter that tracked 5 stats at once. I gave it a good effort but it's a little bit small and fiddly to use at this scale. I may take another shot at it to see if I can make it more useable but there isn't a lot of room left in that base

Quick stencils

I needed a set of stencils for painting onto fabric, thankfully I had some mylar on the shelf and I was able to create these really quickly.

Leicester Guildball Markers

I've been making a range of items for the Leicester Guildball Group recently because I'm local and have a laser cutter. It's all fairly standard stuff but it's nice to see people using the things you make.