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Rune Tags 380

Citizens of the Empire rejoice, you shall have rune tags again this year, and correctly date too. This is the fourth   year   in a row I've cut a batch of these, the year changes but otherwise it's remarkably similar. I had intended to do them in Obeche  instead of Spruce this year but I didn't have enough. True story!

Tape Deck?

Not the 80s kind either. I had a massive pile of masking tapes and sticky tapes mostly just getting in the way and cluttering up benches. Two of these stuck to the wall gives me lots of places to store rolls and allows me to take whichever kind I need without disturbing the other ( svg here )

Majestic Oak Resource Box

I'm getting a bit out of sync but the resource box for Majestic Oak is now finished. I put a chunky rounded lid on the top of the box because it's a bit more impressive than the flat lid it had before. The logo was engraved on the underside of the lid so that it can be seen when the box is opened. This box is going to be on display at the 'What's Your Game'  LARP kit faire this coming weekend. Now I can get on with making my box (with a lock on it)

Lock and Key

This new storage box wouldn't be very good without a way of securing my treasures inside it. I made this lock and key prototype to sit in the front wall of the box. A simple 3 pronged key makes it a bit more interesting to turn. A hook drops down and clips into a latch on the lower half. Definitely file this one under 'should have taken more internal photos' I'll remember to add them when I make the real box up. ( svg here )