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Charger Front Panel

A quick commission request, this is the front plate for a Lithium Polymer battery charging briefcase. It's 5mm black perspex and explains why I had black Pokemon for the silhouettes in the tray puzzle :)

Pokemon Tray Puzzle

Pokemon evolve into other Pokemon and I thought it would be quite cool to convey that in a tray puzzle with the names on it as well. To convey better silhouettes and make the shapes stand out from the tray I made them with 5mm black perspex. The tray is 2 layers of standard poplar ply and all the text is hershey text done with marking for a fast cut.

Laser Shark

I simply can't understand how you can buy a laser pointer and have it delivered to your house for less than £1 but I'm not going to complain about it. Instead I'm just going to strap one to my little shark model and use it to bug the cat (and children), yay lasers!

Pokemon 103-150

I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was. To draw them was my real test, to cut them is my cause. Anyway, so that's Pokemon set 103-150 all original 150 Generation 1 Pokemon drawn and cut, they make a fairly epic collection and with that many to stack there are infinite combinations. The actually Pokemon collection was done by Jadael over on Imgur but a fair few of the silhouettes needed modding before they were cuttable. Like most things they should probably go up in my shop but for now... (svg here)

Making Pokemon 52-102

Here are some tips for making items like these, this set is Pokemon 52 through to 102. I cut the 9mm ply on a fairly high power, this ensures that the cut goes all the way through regardless of blemishes in the material and then you know each piece can be easily removed. This causes quite a lot of burning on the underside of the material due to reflections from the honeycomb bed. Once a set has been cut I often secure all the pieces back into the framework using masking tape across the top side of the material. This allows me to lift all the pieces out of the machine at once. I can then flip the whole sheet and sand the reverse down while they are still in the framework. It's much easier than juggling individual tiny pieces. 
I guess for something like this you could also mask the reverse so that most of the burning would be on the masking tape instead of the work piece.

More Pokemon 1-51

There was a fairly positive response to the small selection of stacking Pokemon I made so I thought I would extend the range. These are the first 51 Pokemon, all cut in 9mm poplar ply and slightly smaller than the previous set. This makes them more stable and better for stacking. As you can see I get all the fun of stacking them into a sensible sheet for optimised cutting.

Stacking Pokemon

Everyone is raving about Pokemon since the release of Pokemon Go. It was suggested that I should make some stacking Pokemon shapes much like the stacking cats so here are the first 9 Pokemon in the series. (svg here)

Celtic Stag and Horse

The ravens on these tablets came out really well so I thought I would draw up the other animals in the set so I could use them for future decoration (svg here)

Fractal Puzzles

Apparently I never got round to posting the files for the three fractal puzzles on my blog, they got posted to other places but never here so tonight, in lieu of an actual laser cut item, here's one I missed earlier. (svg here)