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Rabbit buttons

I cut 2 rabbit buttons and left them alone in the workshop overnight and I came back to this pile of rabbits, weird huh? ( svg here )

Herugrim Hilt

Eldritch posted up the photos of the finished sword and it looks absolutely amazing. I'm definitely pleased to have been a part of this build .

Flyer Display Stand

We ordered a whole bunch of Just Add Sharks flyers from Braunston Ltd for this years maker faires. I thought that it would be nice to make a little display stand to hold them vertically on the table so I designed and cut this. It's made from laser ply and the front panel is perspex. I deliberately avoided slot and tab design to give it a sleek look and the perspex on the front just slots into the gap (and would ideally be 20mm taller) ( svg here )

Cambridge Workshop

I ran a useless machine workshop for Cambridge Makespace . There was a pretty good turnout for the Family makers group in the morning but 70% dropout for the afternoon session which was a bit of a disappointment. I blame the sunny weather. As usual I forget to take photos of these things and generally report about them but Dominic was also there this time and he's written up the experience over on this blog .