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Eclipse Population Cube Holder

The board game Eclipse  has a lot of tokens which take a long time to lay out. This holder keeps them all in place during a game but also allows you to pack them away into the box making it really easy to set up your board. I used plastic weld to glue two layers of perspex together so you can pick the tray and all the tokens up at the same time.( svg here )  

Laser cutting fabric

In hindsight this is one of the vaguest posts I've ever written. The Centre for life asked me to laser cut some fabric for them on a laser that was bigger than theirs. I'm not sure what material it is, how much it cost or what it's being used for, but it did laser cut and the edges of the cut fused together so there was no fraying. Yay lasers.

Metal Vanillabox Parts

We're slowly piecing together a metal version of the vanillabox and thanks to the folks over at NTU ( Kerry and Steve) we've had access to a plasma cutter for actual metal parts. They've been amazingly helpful teaching us all about the metal working process and things we don't understand (which are numerous) and this week we managed to get our first metal part cut. It's a revision of these side panels we cut before but it's made out of metal with extra bends to make it super strong. Soon we'll have a full set and we'll be able to finally put a price on the box.

Group pendant 3

I seem to have started a trend and have been asked to make more group symbols, this is the symbol for the wardens who had some foam items made a while back . They wanted a red symbol with a black background but since I don't have any red black laminate I made some of my own by painting transparent acrylic with black acrylic paint. The one of the left was sanded first to 'key' the surface both ended up a bit prone to scratching but they do get this awesome illuminated effect when you get some light behind them. I finished it off by making a mahogany black one but that ended up a bit dark once the ply was etched.

Group Pendant 2

This shield pendant was made with 2mm mahogany ply as a background and 0.8mm birch bly as the foreground, it gives good contrast and depth at the same time.

Group Pendant

This is a pendant for an empire group, it took a few attempts to get all the detail into the design. I ended up making the runes bigger and making dots for the centre of each star in the constellations. When you hold it up to the light it shines through the pendant.