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Pegs 3

A florally design, simples.

Pegs 2

I think I found the limit of details with this one. You can just about make out the skull and spine but they're not great.

Laser Cut Pegs 1

Many people will be asking why, but I say why not add a little bit of pizazz to your washing line. (will block post these files at the end of the series)

MkV Arc Reactors

I fished out some really old files today so I could cut out the first set of MkV disks on my laser cutter. Previously I've had these professionally done by a laser company in Kettering. Again this is the first time I'm releasing the files though (dxf here)

Mk2 Arc Reactors

The laser has been busy paying it's way this evening. I know I've talked about Iron Man arcs a few times already but with the release of the avengers it's kept me quite busy this week. I've modified the design so that all 10 'coils' are left attached to the middle, this makes the whole thing easy to pick up and press into the plastic as a single piece. Very handy when you're making 11 at once (that's how many I can squeeze onto a sheet of A4 copper plastic)
For the first time though I'm releasing the files so you can go cut your own. (svg here) Don't forget that the kits come with cut plastic, LED's and PCB's though saving you lots of time and hassle should you ever want to make your own.

Mirror Decoration 5

A slight variation using one of the other tools in inkscape, looks ok but onto the next thing now. (svg here)

Mirror Decoration 4

I never noticed how close the purple detail is to the purple of the mirror (svg here)