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Blue Laser - The bits I don't want

I have plans for this blue laser and I need to start by removing the things that I don't want in the machine any more. The laser power supply - this was broken when I received it, burnt out by the previous owner. The control system - goodbye moshi draw sadly this means taking out the stepper drivers too. The light bulb - honestly I don't know why this bugs me so much, it's just a silly thing to have there. The extraction fan - it's weak, ineffectual and it gets in the way of the laser cover. The clampy thing - also ineffectual I have plans to install a z axis in the same space. With all these parts gone there is lots of room inside the case for all my desired modifications.

Leather cutting template

Tree  has been making these hand guards for stick fighting from leather. He decided it was worth getting a template made to simplify the cutting process. I forgot to take a photo of the first one and it broke in transit, turns out there was a scaling issue anyway (his fault) so I got a second chance to cut and photograph them. I cut one in acrylic as request and sent a second on in mdf because it's cheap and it would help protect the plastic one in the post. These two arrived safely.

League Runes

I was informed this week that the league have their own set of runes. So I engraved a set upon request and this time added all the names of the runes to the back as well. It makes sense really so now you can tell which each rune is. The colour is red with a spot of black, they've come up really nicely. It's the same wood underneath so it's funny to see these runes quite pale but the wood showing through the black runes looks really orange

More Merit Badges

The last set of merit badges must have all got lost because I honestly don't remember there being 50 children at the empire events. It's probably testament to the game and to the hobby that families can blend seamlessly into the scenario. I know Eli really enjoyed it when he went . Anyway so I cut a whole new batch of merit badges ahead of this years games. 

More Foam Tests

I wanted some subtle wording on a piece of foam so I tried this and it worked ok. The piece has now been latexed which allows the words to stand out but when I painted it red the words no longer show on camera. I think a bit of weathering might fix that, but you can at least see them by eye when the light hits it which is kind of the effect I wanted anyway.