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War Gaming Trophies

So what was I squeezing out of yesterdays material , these 4 war gaming trophies. I've used a layered effect to turn the logo into a 3D trophy, the plaque is cut from silver/black HIPS and built onto a 6mm poplar base to make them stand upright. The keen eyed amongst you may notice that trophies are for 2nd and 3rd places, there is a fancier trophy for 1st place but I promised to keep that under wraps until the 12th December when the tournament is held.

Maximising Materials

Due to reasons I cut the first of four items from a sheet of 3mm laser ply (instead of 2.7mm nominal). When I was looking through my materials I couldn't find a second sheet so I was left with the task of squeezing the rest of my cuts out of a sheet with holes in. In order to maximise the material I ended up drawing the sheet with approximations of the holes in it and then laying out the new cuts around those. Sure it would be simpler if I had a webcam in the lid to take a shot of the new sheet but this at least demonstrates it can be done the manual way. I've now got all the parts I need to assemble the other three items, all cut from the same material. You'll notice that some of the sections are coloured. This is my trick for making coloured items quickly. Paint the sheet the desired colour and then cut the items out of it. Cutting the sheet out while leaving the frame in place allows me to quickly realign the sheets when they go back into the laser.

NWSPK Chalkboard Erasers

In what feels like an eternity ago and delays entirely of my own making I ran these logo tests  for newspeak house . Well tonight I finally got round to cutting 25 of the silver logos to be stuck on the back of chalkboard erasers, I think they'll add a nice little bit of class in a time when chalk boards just don't receive as much love as they used to.

Proxy Bases

Tonight I've made some proxy bases by request. When you have multiple models in close proximity during a match there is a chance they can bump into each other and become scratched. You can replace the model with one of these proxy bases that keeps track of location and angle for the model. I've also done some objective tokens and some flag markers (not pictured) to complete the set.

Christmas Baubles

After the impromptu maker faire badge I realised I could easily engrave some of Eli's drawings onto wood. He was dead excited that his drawings were to be immortalised in Christmas baubles and he drew me 6 images in circles using a thick black marker. A few minutes scanning and tweaking and 30 minutes etching time later and I had these nice baubles ready to make Christmas gifts for relatives.