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Jewellery Stand 1

A friend asked if I could duplicate this design for him, voila. I was also inspired to do 2 more designs along this theme which will follow shortly.

Puzzle 4

Puzzle no 4 is a square variation of the tower of Hanoi with a 5 disk stack, which has a minimum of 31 moves to complete. (svg here)

Puzzle 3

A simple and unspectacular item but an interesting little puzzle none the less. The object is to slide the pieces around within the tray and get the square piece from outside the hole to inside the hole. (svg here)

Cube Puzzle 2

This one is a teeny 12mm x 12mm, I am considering making a load to give away at the next makerfaire (svg here)

Cube Puzzle 1

A cute little mini puzzle taken from Bruce Vineys wonderful site about puzzles. It's a small puzzle 15mm x 15mm. This is no doubt the first of many I'll be making from there. (svg here)

Avengers based arcs

So I finally got round to watching the Avengers trailer, I'm not sure if it's just me but the MkV arc looks very green. So I updated my arc collection with a new green version of the arc, can't do any harm right?

The film looks good anyhow and I can't wait to go an see it, question is, do I wear my arc to the cinema again?

0:17 you see Iron man gearing up into his suit

1:13 you get to see the arc under a vest

Pacman Coasters

The final item from the first round of facebook requests. I'm open to more suggestions now :)

None shall pass

It snowed in the uk, this is somewhat unusual, I was inspired to make this after hearing of the fun and games at the hackspace this morning


Another facebook request, I'm quite pleased with this design, I knocked it up as a 3D model first and unwrapped it in pepakura, before adding holes and tabs in inkscape.