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Hinged Pumpkin Boxes

I now have a complete set of 4 different pumpkin designs that I'm happy enough to release. I tweaked all the narrow parts to make sure that everything cuts cleanly and all the narrow parts are strong enough. The design is cut from 3mm poplar ply, painted orange. The files for these pumpkin boxes are available for purchase from my Etsy store. I'm releasing the basic box shape for you to add your own pumpkin faces too, if you make and design one then please leave me a comment I'd love to see them. ( svg here )  

Hinged Pumpkin Box 3

I wanted these boxes to be coloured rather than plain wood so I reached for the acrylic paints and mixed up a nice shade of orange paint for them. The colour came out nice with some good coverage and uniform all over so I scrapped some off again before it had set. The results speak for themselves and I'm really happy with the textured style for the panels. I made sure to align the streaks vertically on the sides of the box during cutting.  

Hinged Pumpkin Box 2

  The back wall of these little boxes has pegs so that the lid can pivot on the side walls of the box. This 'flip top head' opening makes it easy to put objects inside the box. The front wall of the box separates along the smile. It's a relatively simple process to change the face on the front of the box so that you can have lots of unique designs (Like a typical pumpkin).

Hinged Pumpkin Box

  I made some more cute little Halloween boxes based on a pumpkin smile. It's just big enough to hold an LED tea light so it flickers in the dark. The whole box presses together and hinges across the back for a nice wide smile.