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Empire Eternals

There are 6 magical realms in empire, Spring, Night, Summer, Autumn, Day and Winter. Each realm has a magical entity associated with it. Tree , drew the night eternal, Sadogua , and I laser etched it for him, but it's pretty cool so I persuaded him to draw the day eternal, Leviathan . Now I have an awesome pair of night and day engravings that fits our group perfectly.

Witches Heart Dog Tags

A long time ago I drew this Witches Heart up at the request of a friend. With cutting time, costs, materials etc they turned out to be a little expensive. Then I cut these 130x photo frames  and I had 130 dog tag sized cut outs left over so we managed to cut a deal on smaller tags. I love the real wood one these things so have just ordered another small batch of wood to keep me stocked up.

Rune Sets

Taken from the same set as the rune wheel , but just with the runes cut out on Spruce wood. This set of rune tiles makes a great accompaniment to the wheel. I have an idea for a betting game based upon the tiles and the wheel (think roulette with the exception that a tile is drawn from a bag rather than a ball round a spinning thing)

Project #15.5?, Real Wood Rune Wheel

So for my own rune wheel I wanted to make it out of actual wood and align the grains accordingly. I'm particularly pleased with the visible grain in the central shell.

Project #15, Rune Wheel

Lots of little details go into creating a LARP game like Empire and this project works within the complexity of the new Rune system they have invented. There are 26 (actually 27) runes which correspond to each letter of the alphabet which means they'll be handy for writing coded messages. Each rune has an affiliation with something and most belong to one of the 6 realms (3 don't). Beyond the basic 27 runes there are 6 additional runes that correspond to the realms, and each of those runes has a human 'race' affiliated to it, and those races in turn align to one single rune (except 1 that aligns to all 4). Got it? So actually there is an awful lot of information to remember and instead of writing it down on a piece of paper and wafting inkjet prints around at a medieval re enactment I decided to display that information in a form much nicer than a list and on a medium much more appropriate for the setting. Laser cutting is a very modern thing but it will do fo