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Card Sphere 8

One of the nice things about having two layers of card for these things is that the layers don't have to be the same, giving multiple colour options and opens up new patterns like this one which Kim says looks like a peacock. I must remember to make the slits slightly bigger though if I'm staking up several pieces of card at once. (svg here)

Card Sphere 7a

Before I set fire to my laser I was working on some 2 tone card spheres. I took it a little more cautiously tonight and I came up with this new card sphere. I ended cutting both colours of cards as separate pieces and then layer them up together, this appears to be just as effective as gluing them together. Maybe next time I'll be brave enough to use my paper frame again so I'll have less ash and smudging (svg here)

Pizaz Kirigami 2

I gave the kirigami shapes a second try, using paper that has two different sides. They're OK, but they're just not doing anything for me, time to move onto the next things. Only trouble is that designing the cool stuff takes too long (svg here)

Pizaz Kirigami 1

The same people that do the swirls and folds also do a kirigami template sheet. I can't help but think that this would be quite different in two tone paper but as I've drawn it anyway, here is tonights offering. (svg here)

Forced Perspective 3

This was a bit of an exercise in how, the results are ok but not fantastic. Amusingly I had to 'Stand out' of the lightbox to get a shot from the right angle. I used a 3D modelling package to project the lettering onto the surface of the material, there is a slight issue with the perspective transform though so this was done with a straight transform (hence having to be at a distance to see it correctly.

Laser cut tuck shop

The guys at work are always buying sweets from the local garage at ridiculous prices, so I figured I'd buy some cheap packs from the store and then leave this on my desk, saving them a trip out and possibly making me a few pennies in the process.

Forced Perspective 2

I think the difference in the perspective areas is greatly enhanced with the little bit of etching in there. It's deeper (and therefore darker than I would like) but point proved.

Forced Perspective 1

I've been keen to do some forced perspective items for quite some time now but I usually struggle to draw them. I found this simple technique and because it's mothers day I chose to write "KIM" (it's also easy to do in 5x8 font). This is item 1 because I think if I shade the letters it will be a lot more pronounced, and I'm also hoping to describe the technique I used to create this.

This is the same item that creates the illusion of raised and lowered lettering, while the actual sheet of MDF is perfectly flat.

Night Light

I made this one quite a long time ago and meant to do something more with it. I spent most of this weekend house hunting so I'm posting it up now with an apology for not having more photos (it's now damaged in the box of laser cut items). It's illuminated with a single white LED (tinted blue with some paint).

This is also item no 150 in 153 days so I'm very nearly on track and almost halfway there.