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Electric Drill Cake

Dawn recently made this stunning electric drill cake and casually mentioned that it would have been cool if the drill bit was rotating. I jumped straight on it and made this little unit which could rotate a plastic tube around a metal shaft. The threaded rod can support the cake and the drill bit can be applied to the tube. The plastic tube comes off the threaded rod to allow it to be decorated easily. Sadly I don't think there are any videos of it rotating but I did take a video of the motor in action.

Second Number Display

Vale LRP has two distinct alliances, two sides of the war battling against each other. This means I often get to make the same thing for both sides but they should be done with different styles. This number display was done in the style of my church windows . The LEDs shine through a piece of thin flexible wood veneer so when they are off the whole thing just looks like a piece of wood. This display was fixed into the infernal machine along with many other parts I've made for it,  5 Point Iris , Planetary Gears , Knife Switches  and Filling Mechanism

Curved Lid Box

The curved lid that I vacuum glued veneer over was used to make this box. It was made quickly to look like a wooden chest but it was never intended to be functional. The side panel is made from a single section so that it always stays open and the lid can't close. The whole thing was skinned in a wood veneer to make it the same colour as the lid and some metallic card was wrapped around the box to look like bindings. Inside the box is a scroll of paper that is used to display 'mystical' numbers. I will write about that project as soon as I get it back but for now I'm missing photos of the hardware.

Wargaming Counter Bases

Using the same magnetic counter technique I had on the Tigris counters  I made up these bases which track the stats of the character sat on it. It's all a little bit small and fiddly but it was functional. I think it would need another iteration to actually be useful.

Zaros Godsword

Another collaboration with Eldritch , this is the Zaros Godsword from Runescape. Using this image as a reference I was able to draw up and cut the sword, although I quickly realised the sword in the image isn't straight so I had to take a few liberties with the final piece. It's built like a normal LRP weapon with a carbon fibre rod core and multiple layers of plastazote LD45 foam. The finished piece was glued, latexed and coloured by Eldritch. It's a bit hard to see on the white foam but the blade was actually engraved with a design.

Gluing curved surfaces

I wanted to make a curve lid for a classic pirate style treasure chest, I didn't really consider it before making and before I knew it I had stacked dozens of pieces of 6mm ply into a pile to give me the right shape. It doesn't leave a very nice edge though so I decided to skin it with a piece of flexible wood veneer . I started by gluing the veneer along one edge of the curve but I didn't have enough clamps to hold it in place across the whole surface. The solution is to vacuum seal the whole thing in a ziplock bag. It's a very simple process where I sucked the air out of the back once the curve had been glued and this provided suitable pressure to hold the veneer in place until the glue had dried. I use evo stick wood glue with resin  that grips the material in about 5 minutes. After that point you can remove the item from the bag and it will dry properly over the next 24 hours. I didn't take any specific pictures of the lid but I'll have some images of t