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Mirror Decoration 3

Sure I'm easing back into this slowly but I also like these designs which is a bonus ( svg here ) This one also left a rather funky cut out behind.

Mirror Decoration 2

Another item for the mirror series ( svg here )

Mirror Decoration 1

One of the awesome things about the laser is how quickly you can turn something bland into something pretty and cool. I added this detailing to a small round mirror I purchased. Apologies about the backdrop, I haven't got my light box set up again yet. ( svg here )

Garage upgrade

Current state (ish) As I mentioned before the garage is undergoing a little bit of an upgrade to become a proper workshop. This largely involves painting the walls and laying an insulated floor. It's already made quite a bit of difference and now I'm waiting for the garage door people to come and fix/replace the front opening. Was hoping to put it off for a while but you can force the door open and it has a tendency to fall out of the rails during normal usage. with laptops and tools and lasers security is kinda important. Starting point