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Lizard Pile and the single unit

Cute tiny little lizards, I've been building up a stock of them for larger tessellations to come tomorrow.

Tessellating Lizards

These are lizards taken from the Escher drawing. Each one is cut separately and square to the grain so that when they are all tessellated back together then they all reflect the light slightly differently which is a nice effect. (svg here)

Wooden Log Coasters 2

I modified the design to exclude the external ring and also tried to get a gap between the 'seeds'. Better but I can still do better.

Wooden Log coasters

This is my first attempt at a wooden log coaster, I cut a disk from a suitable sized log and attempted to engrave it with a sunflower style motif, it is ok but I'm sure it could be better.


I went over to see a guy called Chris at the eXtrodinary Laser Company last week. He just bought a laser too and that laser company recommended making some of these nubbins to keep the work lifted off the honeycomb. It's a good idea now stolen by me :) suitable for the LS3020 honeycomb bed (svg here).
(edit, 20th Jan) These nubbins are also doubling up on the underside of the honeycomb as a secure way of lifting the honeycomb off the bed so the vapour isn't trapped in the comb.

Cardan Gear mechanism

The Cardan gear is a clever mechanism for converting rotary motion into linear motion, it comes in 2 flavours (see links), in this variety the end of the arm travels with straight line motion. (svg here)

Sand Pit

What good is a mini digger without a sandpit to play in (svg here). Unfortunately I haven't found the sand to go in it yet.