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Panel Joinery 24


Panel Joinery 23


Overheating laser

I spent another night running the laser non stop. The water in my tank definitely gets warm not really to the point of overheating but enough for me to question if I should carry on running it. I don't regularly use it this much so there is no point investing in a cool bot or some other chiller, instead I just put the ice packs in the freezer last night and when the tank got warm this evening I dropped them in the water. Simples.

So what have I been cutting, 40 trigger mechanisms, 15 useless machines and 10 arcs, nothing new but keeping me very busy this week. (pics below)

New T-Shirt

I wish I could say the vinyl was laser cut but I just didn't have the time. I went to visit my friend Chris at the XLC and he cut this out on the vinyl cutter and pressed it with more appropriate tools. Wish I'd taken my camera for the process but I'm sure they'll be a chance to do it again in the future.

Panel Joinery 22

Captive nuts can also be added to make a really secure joint 262/276

Panel Joinery 21

The box joint can be biased by making the tabs different sizes.

The Hounds

A talented friend of mine drew this and posted it to facebook recently. It makes a really nice wood cut so I put it through the laser for him, very pleased with the end result. 260/275

Panel Joinery 20

This is a box joint, the fingers are all of equal size and interleaved to create the joint.

New Material: Plastizote

Plastizote is the material that most LRP weapons are made from, this was a test to see if it was possible. This could open up lots of interesting options for LRP items in the future. Now to pass this over to my more creative friends. 258/273

Panel Joinery 19

This joint introduces a captive nut to hold the joint together.

Wedding Present

So my friends Matt and Vicky finally got married, you may remember that I did their wedding invites.
I wanted to make something nice for their present and Kim suggested a memory box. I reused the artwork from the invites to make a wooden box with the same pattern done as inlaid veneer. I'm hoping they like it. (svg here)

Gift Tag

We needed a gift tag for a present and bam, there it is, custom unique and cool. (Present to follow) 255/272